Revolutionize Your Menus with Real-Time Integration With Toast

Say goodbye to static menus and hello to a dynamic, data-driven dining experience. Our digital signage software, now flawlessly integrated with Toast POS, empowers restaurants in the USA, Canada, UK & Ireland to unlock the full potential of their digital menu boards.



Dynamic Workflow

Toast’s webhook API enables 42 Digital Signage to receive product data in real-time. 

This includes changes to pricing and to product availability, so if a product is flagged as not available/86’d in Toast, we receive that status in real time. 

Once we have the product data, users can login to 42 Digital Signage’s web application and build out their dynamic digital menu board using the Boards web designer.

The Board can then be scheduled to the Digital Menu Board, which could comprise of just the one, or be one of thousands across thousands of Locations spanning multiple countries. 

Once the digital menu board content is running, any changes made in Toast are immediately and automatically updated on the Digital Menu Boards.

Our support for Location based pricing ensures time and effort is saved without having to reproduce different content for each Location.

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