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TSItouch specializes in large format, interactive video wall and protective solutions. Our success is defined by the success of our customers and through building outstanding customer relationships. By providing a warranty for everything we sell, we commit ourselves to your goals both before and after the sale


The World Needs More Touch

We are dedicated to providing the right touch solution for each customer’s unique application.

TSItouch designs solutions to provide unparalleled protection and responsive interactive performance for commercial grade displays. We offer a variety of touch technologies along with a choice of cover glass for any commercial display on the market today.

Experience the TSItouch

Our team puts their special touch onto each and every project to create a flawless experience and an amazing product.

We are known for our quality customer service and for meeting our commitments. When we make a promise, we deliver. Our close partnerships with leading display manufacturers and first class touch
technology partners allows us to create bespoke solutions that are equally impactful and affordable. From the conception of your touch tech ideas to the completion of each project, our team is right there to help you along the way.

We Are More Than Just Touch

We push ourselves to be more than just an interactive touch solution provider, but also to create the perfect digital signage experience.

Not only do we offer touch with non-touch displays, but we also offer, accessories, care products, staging and kitting, new design services, and more! By providing professional appearances, multiple customization features and safety options, we can create the digital signage experience to exceed your expectations.

01 Touch Technology


  • Allows for virtually any input to be detected (pen/stylus, user’s
    fingers, palms, gloved fingers)
  • Equipped with 6 or 10 touch points (2, 6, 10, 12, or 32 touch points available)
  • Maximum compatibility for numerous operating


(Projected Capacitive)

  • 2, 40, 80, or 100 points of simultaneous touch available
  • Same touch used in smartphone technology
  • Zero-bezel, sleek flat front design
  • Flat front creates an easy to clean surface


  • ShadowSense uses high-performance sensors that provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy.
  • 6 or 10 touch points available
  • Palm Rejection and Object Recognition
  • Sunlight Immune

02 Video Walls

TSItouch offers touch video wall solutions that will transform a typical video wall into an interactive piece, ready to be utilized with any touch application. With the ability to manufacture fully functional touch interfaces up to 500” in diagonal with 6, 12, 32, or 100 points of touch, our touch video wall solutions are perfect for nearly every size and space.


The patented DISPLAX TILE is a unique Skin Ultra touch film that is applied to 55” commercial grade displays with the ability to “tile” them together making truly seamless video walls. The projected capacitive technology reduces the gap between the monitors, which makes for easier cleaning and a smooth sleek look and feel.

03 Protective Solutions

TSItouch offers a protective solution for nearly any commercial grade display in the industry, not only for video wall displays. Our full steel bezel combined with extremely strong tempered glass provides additional protection to all types of commercial grade displays.

04 Shrouds

Many installations have unique requirements. When our customers ask for a way to keep cabling and mounts hidden and secure while providing ventilation, we provide a solution. Our shrouds are flush with the wall to keep the look neat and clean.

05 Kitting

Bundle all of your needs in one shipment with our kitting service. You can choose to bundle as much or a little of a solution to meet you requirements. If you need cables, mounts, and touch solutions all on one shipment we will ship them all together to reduce time and cost.

06 Mirror Touch

Sometimes reflections can be a part of the solution. Many retail applications call for the ability to have the customer virtually try on an item. This inspired us to create a mirror glass that is compatible with PCAP touch technology.

07 Outdoor Touch

The TSItouch solution is a full steel bezel, which increases durability while protecting the display. The outdoor display is IP56 rated and the touch solution is IP64 rated, making them resistant to dust and the equivalent of powerful water jets. The touch frame used is also sunlight immune, allowing it to function in nearly all conditions.

08 DVLED Solutions

As DVLED arrays have become more cost effective, there is a need to protect the investment. And in some cases, to make it touch interactive. This is not without challenge, since VLED’s produce a considerable amount of heat, cooling becomes a major factor. We have engineered a solution to address all of these needs.


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