LG webOS Commercial Displays

42 Digital Signage runs directly on all of LG’s Commercial Displays that are webOS Ready.

The System on a Chip (SoC) technology eliminates the need for any external hardware which means:

  • Lower capital costs to get your Digital Signage up and running.
  • Lower operating costs, therefore with less equipment comes less failure points and subsequently less support aggravation.
  • Faster deployment across your business, due to less moving parts.
  • Faster ROI.  Above all, the less you spend up front, the less you have to earn to ‘payback/break even’ on that investment. 

Key Features:

  • 3 Years onsite maintenance as standard from LG, which most importantly gives you peace of mind.
  • On/off screen scheduling which firstly saves electricity, but secondly prolongs the life of your screen.
  • Screenshots will show you exactly what was running on the display at the time the screenshot was taken. As a result you can be certain the correct content was playing.
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet ready.
  • Conformal Coating: Electronics products can be often unavoidably exposed to dust and water during maintenance. LG applies a conformal coating on major circuit boards to minimize such circumstances by protecting against dust, iron powder, humidity, etc.
  • 8GB of onboard storage (6GB for content). 
  • Remote reboot control. 8GB of onboard storage with 6GB being available for content storage, therefore resulting in plenty of storage for your content.. 

For more information about LG webOS, visit LG.

If you already have screens then we have some options available. Take a look at BrightSignWindows and Android.