Integrated Digital Menu Boards

42 Digital Signage is a simple and flexible content management system for managing integrated digital menu boards. This flexibility makes it perfect for deployment across networks of all shapes and sizes.

We excel and are unrivalled in delivering Digital Menu Board applications and 3rd-party POS integration.

Through 20 years of experience, 42 Digital Signage is designed to make managing digital menu board networks easy. By reducing labor, automating processes, and adapting location-based pricing, we significantly decrease capital expenses and overall ownership costs. These savings will shorten the timeframe in which ROI is realized.

You are in safe hands with 42 Digital Signage.

Key Features at a Glance

Corporate/Location Management:

Playing a pivotal role, this robust feature efficiently oversees multi-site/multi-country digital menu board networks with minimal human intervention. The concept involves streamlining design versions as master templates. Consequently, each display dynamically fills boards with location-specific details: pricing, specials, and time-sensitive offers for areas, franchisees, and regions. This approach saves time, money, and accelerates your ROI.

POS Integration:

Currently, 42 Digital Signage seamlessly integrates with a multitude of Point of Sale systems. If your POS lacks integration, we’ll assess its feasibility. Given the potential benefits for multiple users, this often incurs no cost. Integrated Digital Menu Boards guarantee precise pricing and expedited transactions.

Flexible ‘Data’ Management:

Empowering users to create custom Data sets, including product data, sets 42 Digital Signage apart. This facilitates dynamic Digital Menu Boards aligned with Data set fields. No limits apply to Data set creation. The information can be managed manually, exported to Excel and re-imported, or integrated with third-party POS platforms.


Swiftly switch menus between meal periods, e.g., from Breakfast to Lunch, with Dayparting.

Cyclical Menu Support:

Dynamic changes in product items based on day and meal period for cycle-based menus. Cycles of any duration, e.g., every 4 weeks, can feature varying products for different meal periods on different days.

Network Monitoring:

Robust network monitoring and instant email alerts ensure prompt issue awareness. Real-time actions like screenshots instantly confirm expected digital menu board content.


Trigger unlimited pre-canned interrupt-based content manually or via scheduling. Use for multiscreen takeovers, staff communication, emergency notifications, etc.

When implementing integrated digital menu boards, it’s crucial to follow best practices for optimal results. Firstly, ensure a seamless integration with your POS system to enable real-time updates and accurate pricing. Prioritize clear and visually appealing design, organizing items logically and using high-quality images. Implement dynamic content scheduling to showcase different offerings based on time of day or promotions. Regularly update your content to reflect current offerings and maintain customer interest. Lastly, consider your target audience’s preferences and behavior to tailor the menu board’s layout and content for maximum impact, creating a compelling and effective dining experience.

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