42 Digital Signage software provides unrivalled flexibility when it comes to managing IPTV networks. Regardless of your current or planned infrastructure, 42 Digital Signage is a good fit that can exist in any environment that may include both RF and IP based TV content.

Where required 42 Digital Signage supports both in the clear RTP/UDP multicast streams and subject to hardware, encrypted (AES128) RTP/UDP multicast streams.

IPTV Made Easy

42 Digital Signage is hardware agnostic and supports true IPTV (RTP and UDP multicast streams) content across multiple platforms that include BrightSign player hardware (where displays already exist) and for situations where displays need to purchased, then Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP) and LG webOS enabled commercial displays provide a display solution that requires no other hardware as we decode TV content directly on the display with our embedded 42 Digital Signage Application.

It doesn’t matter if your requirement is for full screen TV content or a fully configurable L-Bar style wrap, you can schedule unique content to an individual display(s), to group(s) of displays or globally to every display. 

We are able to support any encoding hardware you wish to use as long as it is capable of generating an RTP or UDP based streams across your VLAN.

Being able to drive the TV content is easy, but controlling the content in a flexible and user-friendly manner for the various stakeholders can be complex, but with 42 Digital Signage we’ve simplified how content can be controlled:

  • Scheduled: For displays located in public areas like stadium/arena concourses, users have the ability to schedule content to run forever, for specific events or dayparted.

  • By IR Remote Control: For displays located within suites, back of house, admin office areas, reception areas etc.., we are able to control content using the IR Remote Control that comes with Samsung SSP or LG webOS displays with the ability to pull up a channel list

  • By 3rd Party Control Systems: 42 Digital Signage has an API to provide smart trigger URL’s that can be used with 3rd party control system such as Crestron, Control4, AMX etc…

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Mobile device friendly UI that staff, fans etc… can utilize to change channels in reception areas or suites, while not affecting L-Bar content where present.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Each Display is IP Addressable: Run unique content on every display or the same content on all displays or groups of displays. This doesn’t necessarily mean TV content, but any type of content you wish to play back on displays.

  • Each Display can run it’s own TV Channel: Perfect for the suite environment to allow fans to pick their own TV channel while still seeing L-Bar style branding/marketing content .

  • Interrupts: Trigger an unlimited number of pre-canned interrupt based content such us ‘Touch Down’, ‘Home Run’, ‘Goal’ based fanfare, ‘Last Orders’, ‘Emergency Evacuations’, ‘Missing Persons’, ‘Sponsorship’ take over messaging, ‘Pre-Event’ based training/staff communication etc…

  • Impression Reporting: Looking to monetize your Digital Signage network? Proof of play reporting will prove sponsorship content has played back with date/time stamped auditing for each individual occurrence.

  • Themes: Swap between team/event-based themes from your laptop/desktop/smart phone within seconds to custom brand content for a different event e.g. from NHL to NBA to Concert etc…

  • Global Display Control: Turn all your displays off/on from your smart phone on demand. Pull back screenshots from specific or all displays.

  • Network Monitoring: Comprehensive network monitoring and email alert tools allow you to be aware of any potential issues as soon as they happen.