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42 Digital Signage (42DS) is an affordable cloud based digital signage software platform with drag and drop design. Packed full of powerful features, we provide the flexibility needed to manage content on any screen for a successful deployment.

Our powerful digital signage platform is supported across a wide range of hardware platforms.  This includes the latest all-in-one ‘System on a Chip’ (SoC) commercial displays from Samsung and LG. SoC displays will lower your cost of entry, therefore resulting in a faster return on investment.

Furthermore we support external signage players such as BrightSign, Windows and Android. These media players can be connected to any screen.

Pricing is simple and we charge a low monthly fee per screen, allowing you to confidently budget your digital signage network. The price includes support, software feature updates and a selection of templates.

42 Digital Signage Screen

Flexible Solutions

Digital Signage is a very broad term and refers to the use of a screen for digital communication. A screen can be either commercial monitors, TV’s, projectors or LED displays.

42DS has been designed to enable our customers deliver their dynamic content and interactive content with ease. Digital signage content includes images, videos, social media, web pages, news, weather and dynamic information. Below are some of the key digital signage applications to enhance customer experience:

  • Digital Menu Boards: Providing the ability to update menu content quickly and cost effectively provides huge competitive advantages. The use of digital menu boards has shown to increase the average check per customer.
  • Room Signage: Show the event that is currently in session on small digital signs mounted by the door. The same data can be used on larger screens to guide people to their meeting room in. 
  • Marketing/Promotions: The origins of digital signage, to educate and promote company products and services to the customer.
  • Corporate Communication: Key to the success of any business is the effect communication to staff and visitors. Our Messenger provides real time alerts.
  • IPTV: 42DS supports unencrypted and AES128 encrypted UDP Multicast streams allow easy IPTV networks to be designed and deployed.
  • Public Information: More important than ever, informing the public of any emergency events is crucial for the safety of your visitors. 
  • Wayfinding: Help your customers find their way through your building or campus. These can be interactive touch screen or passive digital displays. 

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42DS is among the top digital signage software platforms available. As a result, 42DS provides all the flexibility you need. Scheduling content and knowing that the content has been delivered is critical to any digital signage software platform. Our remote management tools will provide total confidence. 42DS will provide you with a future proofed solution to protect your investment.

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