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Affordable Digital Signage Software that is:

POS Integrated
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Hardware Agnostic

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Flexible Solutions

Integrated Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage Software

42 Digital Signage is an affordable digital signage software platform with drag and drop design. Packed full of powerful features, we provide the flexibility needed to manage any content on any screen, anywhere, anytime. Our intuitive web based application allows users to manage their content quickly and effortlessly.

Hardware Agnostic

42 Digital Signage provides complete versatility by being supported on a wide range of hardware platforms. These include System-on-a-Chip (SoC) based displays that includes Samsung, LG, Allsee, Iiyama and many more. We also support a wide range of external based media players including BrightSign and those running Android and Microsoft Windows.

Affordable Digital Signage Software


42 Digital Signage is integrated with several Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, Event Management Systems (EMS) and numerous other third party applications such as Cirium (formerly known as Flight Stats). If you can't find the integration you are looking for, Then we'll add it for you at no additional cost. We also have comprehensive API's providing you with more control on your platform.

Self-Service Solutions

42 Digital Signage is supported on the Samsung Kiosk (Tizen and Windows version) and LG Kiosk. Our integrations with various POS systems and payment hardware provide a seamless self service experience for consumers looking to order their products in store. With options for providing a KDS solution and order status screen, 42 Digital Signage is a complete solution.

We are a proud member of the Global Signage Alliance.

Affordable Digital Signage Software Deployed Globally

Affordable Digital Signage Software Engineered for Resellers

From the very beginning, 42 Digital Signage was built with channel reseller partners in mind.

Here are a list of reason why businesses benefit from becoming a reseller:

Unlock Business Growth:

  • Full white labeling, even down to the domain name.
  • Affordable digital signage software with maximized profit margins.
  • Steady recurring revenue.
  • Seamless lead referrals.
  • Pre-sales technical supports
  • Unlimited demo accounts

Experience the Edge:

  • Agile development for timely feature updates.
  • Effortless integration.
  • Unparalleled product support.
  • Global accessibility with 132 supported languages.