Elevate Your Digital Menu Experience with Seamless Revel Systems Integration

Embrace the Future of Digital Menus with Revel Systems Integration

Bid farewell to outdated, static menu displays and usher in a world of dynamic, data-driven dining experiences. 42 Digital Signage’s cutting-edge signage solutions, meticulously integrated with Revel Systems’ point-of-sale platform, unlock unprecedented opportunities for restaurants across the world to elevate their digital menu board capabilities to new heights.




Dynamic Workflow

Through seamless integration with Revel Systems’ API, 42 Digital Signage gains access to real-time product data updates, ensuring digital menu boards remain perpetually synchronized. Any modifications to pricing, inventory levels, or product availability within the Revel POS are instantly communicated to our platform.

For instance, if an item is flagged as out-of-stock or unavailable (86’d) in Revel, that status change is promptly reflected within 42 Digital Signage, allowing for dynamic menu updates without manual intervention.

Once the latest product information is received, users can leverage 42 Digital Signage’s intuitive web-based designer to craft visually compelling digital menu board layouts tailored to their brand.

These digital menus can then be scheduled for display across a vast network of screens and locations, spanning multiple countries if required.

As the digital menu boards go live, any subsequent alterations within the Revel system are automatically propagated to the corresponding displays, maintaining real-time accuracy and eliminating the need for repetitive manual updates.

Furthermore, our location-based pricing capabilities streamline operations by ensuring menu pricing is correctly adjusted based on individual site requirements, saving valuable time and effort while maintaining a cohesive brand experience across all locations.

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