The people counting platform

 Make safer, more cost-effective decisions about your space with accurate, anonymous, real-time people count.

42 Digital Signage has teamed up with Density to provide a powerful integrated people counting solution.  42 Digital Signage monitors real-time the number of people Density count that cross the threshold, resulting in an accurate number of occupants in any given space.

With this data 42 Digital Signage can trigger custom content to ask people to wait if the space is at full capacity or to confirm it is safe to enter. 


While people are waiting, 42 Digital Signage can be used to show useful information such as; advertising, promotions, events, news, weather, social media etc…

This is a perfect solution to help businesses keeps spaces safe where social distancing is critical.  Shops, restaurants, bars, doctors offices, restrooms, libraries, governments offices etc… are all places that can benefit from this access control solution.