Digital Signage Software

With over 20 years experience within digital signage, 42 Digital Signage was developed to be a world class digital signage CMS. The goal: to enable users to create engaging digital signage content and distribute that content to screens across the world. 

Our digital signage CMS provides an unrivaled set of robust features that are intuitive to use, therefore making it easy for you to manage your content. Furthermore our software is very affordable which will enable you to realize your ROI even faster. 

Because support is included within the license fee, you don’t have to worry about any extra hidden costs, or outrageous pricing increases.  

42 Digital Signage CMS is supported on a wide range of industry leading hardware, providing you with total flexibility.  The hardware includes:

Digital Signage CMS Key Features


Boards is where you design your content that you want to schedule to your screens. Drag and drop design with a selection of templates make it easy for you to manage.


See all of your Displays, their current status, what they are showing, because it is important to see quickly if there are any issues.


This powerful feature allows you to define your own databases whether that is for products, events, exchange rates, sales data or 3rd party systems resulting in total flexibility.


Styles allows you to build out your own preset styles, therefore when you are building content in Boards, you can quickly apply the font formats required from any of the custom Styles.


Once your content is ready, you can schedule the content to your Displays to playback when and where you want it to. As a result you can set it and forget it.

Location Info

If you are using our software for Community Advertising, you can set the geo-location of your premises, and set key information about your business.

Remote Support

Our Windows App and Samsung App allows you and our support team to remotely connect to the the Players/Displays, therefore allowing you to troubleshoot in a single click.


Have a problem? Create a support ticket within the web application. Our support team will be back in touch very quickly.

Knowledge Base

Finally, do you need some help? The Knowledge base will have the answer.