22" & 32" Welcome Station

Digital Signage with surface temperature scanner, touchless sanitizer dispenser and PPE box receptacles

With 42 Digital Signage software pre-loaded, the freestanding Welcome Station kiosk provides the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) necessary to keep customers, employees, and visitors safe.

Ideal for airports, retail, grocery stores, convention centers, corporate offices or anywhere large groups congregate.



Use the display as an entry welcome station. Display your Employee of the Month. Show off company metrics.  Announce upcoming events.

The Welcome Station is a platform for communication.


Made in the USA

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How Does It Work?

Surface temperature sensors must be interacted with properly for accurate results.  Users maneuver their forehead into the line-of-sight of the sensor

Sensor Position

Primary Function and Temperature Sensor Overview

Uses the highest quality surface temperature sensor on the market to deliver results quickly and accurately.

Sensor is capable of detecting user surface temperatures* within 0.5 degrees of accuracy, in .3 seconds.

Can be configured to display exact temperature or pass-fail, within a defined range.

Extensive development and testing was performed to ensure that users of various heights are

Is not a replacement for accurate diagnosis of any illness by a medical professional.

*Surface Temperature will vary from Internal Body Temperature, and is subject to environmental influences, such as cold or heat.

Target Area

The sensor beam should read from the users forehead area.

Standing Position

22″ model shown; each model comes with a model specific floor decal.


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Product Overview 


Kiosks are built from 14 gauge powdercoated steel; glossy white with blue accents. The integrated infrared surface temperature sensor captures temperatures of users standing in front of the kiosk.

Hand sanitizer is dispensed via touchless sensor and pump. Receptacles in select models contain universal glove and mask boxes (sold by others).

A keyed rear access door makes maintenance simple and secure.

WS Series Kiosks are for indoor use only. For best sensor performance, install away from direct sunlight, and cold or heat sources.


How does the touchless hand sanitizer system work?

After first detecting temperature, users can trigger the pump sensor, which then pumps liquid (not gel) sanitizer from the internally housed gallon jug (empty jug included) to the nozzle and onto hands.



WS22 Kiosks include a 22” class (21.5 diagonal) small signage display.

WS32 Kiosks include a 32” class (32 diagonal) small signage display.


Ships with a compact media player with preinstalled 42 Digital Signage software. Customer content can be loaded onto the player via included USB drive.

Product Warranty

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